Usability through Simplicity

Many financial institutions have a complicated business system landscape that is often supported by several general ledgers and many data warehouses, data marts and spreadmarts. The finance functions of Statutory Reporting, Regulatory Reporting and Management Reporting supporting the business process often operate in silos and have developed their own processes and versions of truth using data supplied by these tools in a non integrated and non reconcilable manner.

Green Model® offers a service that masks the complexity of underlying business systems and processes, to provide an agreed, flexible and integrated information solution, that for simplicity of use supplies a single version of the truth with many perspectives and consistent measures.


What you need, when you need it

We have applied the most innovative methods to ensure our users that Green Model®'s features are always available. Click and browse to find what you need, when you need it.

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Information for your context

Often we hear that "information is power". We've learned that only the right information is power.

We have designed our proprietory Intelligence Engines to assure that you will only receive information for your context. Financial or business process, control or monitoring, reporting and analysis. That's power.

  Financial / Business Process      Control / Monitoring      Reporting / Analysis  


Hosted Big Data Solution, The Cloud

We have invested in hundreds of hours with researches to ensure that Green Model® leverages of a secury and integrated environment that is future proof with managed upgrades without affecting the business events.

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Just connect and go

Over the years, we have learned that integration processes and hardward acquision increases the risk of a software adoption. So, we've removed that from our platform.

That's right. You don’t need to buy a whole bunch of technology, install it, run it or upgrade it. We have developed a secure integration layer that allows your business to plug and play into our platform.

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See Your Business From Every Angle. Every Time.