Relevance through timeliness

The demands on business and finance teams to quickly provide consistent and accurate financial and non-financial information across the organisation for business management, control and compliance purposes as well as public information for regulators and integrated reporting is becoming ever more time extensive and cost intensive.

Normal reporting and analytics are at best a monthly fare, which can be too slow for optimal control and intervention. Green Model® shifts expectation and execution allowing information to be taken at the users convenience real time, daily, weekly or monthly. The information is there when you need to make a decision, create an action, and measure the benefit.


Fully Automated Information

Green Model® is fully automated. We have built engines and processes to ensure that the platform is connected with your business systems and processes. It applies your business rules allowing you to manage by exception. 

  business systems       business rules       business processes       manage by exception    

Information when you need it

Taking the right action and the right time requires trusted information that is available when you need to make the decision. Green Model® is real time, always on, trusted information; which is ready for you anywhere and accessible anytime to make the best decisions. 

  real time      always on      anywhere      anytime  


Move at the speed of business

For technology to cope with business change you need a reactive platform. Green Model achieve this by being a real time platform based on agile methodologies, principles of being data driven and quick integration. Our engines will react to your needs and scale necessarily.

  real time platform      agile methodologies       principles      quick integration  

Seamless Implementation

With decades of experiences, we have built an integration engine based on secure APIs that allows for seamless implementation with little customisation required and easy configuration. No more big bang implementations. No more spending years customising the software. Just results, real fast.

  configuration      fast results  

See Your Business From Every Angle. Every Time.