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Green Model® is an affordable, sustainable and cohesive service platform. The solution is engineered to deliver fast and inexpensive business system integration that delivers accurate and quality guaranteed information for quicker and better decision-making. No expensive consultants and developers to customise the software and no need to worry about license fees. Only pay for what is processed.

It's that simple, no result, no charge and no risk.


Just access

We want you to use our platform to make quicker and better decisions. We know every user will make the platform stronger, more personal and more relevant. So the take up hurdles have been eliminated, there is no consultants to pay, no capex budget for approval and no per seat billing. Anyone who need information can access it.

So if you want to try our system you can, small or large business systems it’s not a problem. Feeling uncomfortable, try it; you’ll like what you get and become part of our value network. We’ll even pay you to use it.

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Platform as a service

Are expensive information projects sapping the budget away?
Is there undue and never ending investment in technology?
Are the costs of service and support high?

As a solution to your business information needs Green Model® offers complete end-to-end processing on an affordable platform. Simply allow us to collect your data via our sAPI and we will manage the processing, storing and presentation of from our factory for a small per transaction fee. There is no hardware to buy, no complex software licences to negotiate, no upgrades to pay for and no need for expensive developers to customise the solution. Cash flow is predictable and easily managed.

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Just Interface

with Green Model®, you pay for what you process. You don't have to worry about hardware, software, backup and any maintenance.

You don't have to hire expensive developers customizing the software, you don't have to worry about license fees. You only pay for what you use. It's that simple!

  just interface      no license fee      no per seat stuff  

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