Technology that is a Business Enabler

More time to do business with peace of mind about the numbers delivered by Green Model®’s hosted real time service. It eliminates month end runs, error prone manual processes, spreadmart, additional reconciling effort with different versions of the truth and stress.

Green Model® by design has artificial intelligence as a result of being built from the ground up with well engineered processes to collect, classify, enrich, store, and present data that completely reflects your business systems and your business reality.

This built in artificial intelligence will even spot the things that don’t make sense (exceptions and errors) and provide alerts to allow timely and relevant actions to occur avoiding costly business mistakes. Through clever structuring in a single solution it’s easy to move between summary reports and its related disaggregated data to analyse and pinpoint trends or errors.


Peace of mind

The best business actions come from making informed decision based on quality information available at the right time. Our proven Green Model® process delivers a single version of the truth and trusted information in real time.

  data integrity       quality guaranteed     trusted information       informed decision    

Adaptable to business complexity

Analytics is the heart of any business intelligence, it needs to serve the whole business and also be subject specific. Green Model® is adaptable to the needs of the business from simpler value and volume analytics, progressing to advanced qualitative and predictive analytics. Importantly can provide this for the business as a whole and at the same time to specific business areas in their context

  value & volume      qualitative      predictive  


Future proof and modern approach

"We don't settle with average, we go for the best". From their business approach, to their methodology and all the way to the technology stack, they only make use of World Class technologies that have been trusted by pioneers in the industry, ensuring a future proof solution for your company. 

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Platform built by experts

Green Model® founding team of experts has years of experiences with successful track records in the industry.

The best approaches and proven modern technologies were used to create an enterprise ready, scalable and elastic hosted infrastructure providing a reliable solution with a flexible design allows customisation through configuration to attend to all your needs.  In contrast to on premise solutions it eliminates large upfront costs, long development and deployment cycles, upgrade decisions for hardware and software, system interruptions and reduces complexity in respect of management, systems, staff and processes.

  experts      reliable solution      scalable & elastic      flexible design      enterprise ready  

See Your Business From Every Angle. Every Time.