GREEN MODEL was a 2015 Innotribe semi final growth stage winner


Many financial institutions have a complicated business system landscape that is often supported by several general ledgers and many data warehouses, data marts and spreadmarts. The finance functions of Statutory Reporting, Regulatory Reporting and Management Reporting supporting the business process often operate in silos and have developed their own processes and versions of truth using data supplied by these tools in a non integrated and non reconcilable manner.

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More time to do business with peace of mind about the numbers delivered by Green Model®’s hosted real time service. It eliminates month end runs, error prone manual processes, spreadmart, additional reconciling effort with different versions of the truth and stress.

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The demands on business and finance teams to quickly provide consistent and accurate financial and non-financial information across the organisation for business management, control and compliance purposes as well as public information for regulators and integrated reporting is becoming ever more time extensive and cost intensive.

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Green Model® an affordable, sustainable and cohesive service platform. The solution is engineered to deliver fast and inexpensive business system integration that delivers accurate and quality guaranteed information for quicker and better decision-making. No expensive consultants and developers to customise the software and no need to worry about license fees. Only pay for what is processed.

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Business Benefits

Our achieved objective was to deliver real-time trusted information to decision makers in finance and business, through a unique methodology to information process design. We built an expert system with artificial intelligence inference and knowledge engines to receive and processes business events’ data in real-time for a transactional fee, store these in the USL, and deliver these to the user in their chosen format.

However, due to our vast experience in the industry, we have added some valuable benefits for your company.

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